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The digital transformation of the Armed Forces

On 16th and 17th December, the XVIII UPM-Armed Forces Conference was held at CESEDEN and ETSI Telecomunicación under the title “The digital transformation of the Armed Forces”.

The opening of the conference took place at CESEDEN and was carried out by the Rector of the University, Mr. Guillermo Cisneros Pérez, and the Director of CESEDEN, General Lieutenant Francisco de Paula Bisbal Pons. Within the same act, they also chaired the awards ceremony of the IV call for awards of the “Ingeniero General D. Antonio Ramón y Zarco del Valle” Chair for research works carried out at the University. More info

Tomás Mantecón, GTI researcher, received the award for his Ph.D thesis: "Advanced face and gesture recognition for visual HMI".

This thesis proposes new solutions to solve both face and hand gesture recognition using visual information. With respect to the face recognition systems, three solutions based on the design of feature descriptors adapted to the characteristics of the human face using high-resolution depth-images have been proposed. They allow the face recognition from different perspectives, unlike most of existing works that only accept frontal faces. Depth information makes more difficult the identity theft as a 3D model of the face would be needed for the identification. With respect to hand gesture recognition, novel solutions are proposed to recognize both static and dynamic hand gestures, which include new descriptors specially designed for depth information that are highly discriminative. The proposed systems have been integrated within an Airbus demonstrator as part of the project SAVIER. The demonstrator implements a hand gesture human-machine interaction for a ground control station that commands unmanned aerial vehicles.


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2019 01 11 10.24.40